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MySQL Cheat Sheet v1.0

For those (or those who have friends) who newly start using MySQL, I release a simple "MySQL Cheat Sheet". You can print it in A4 size pretty. Print it out and put it on the wall in front of you ;)

You can download it from here: http://www.mysqlpracticewiki.com/files/cheat-sheet-en.pdf

The license is CC-BY-SA. You can redistribute it and modify it under CC license.

Happy New Year!!


  1. Nice!

    Perhaps you can squeeze in the command line to connect with the mysql command line client somewhere? I'd put that in the blue section with the general operations.

  2. I'd suggest using
    sudo /sbin/service mysql start|stop|restart
    instead of
    sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start|stop|restart

    The reason being that the '/sbin/service' command sets up a specific environment for the execution of init scripts.

  3. Roland, Swanhart,

    Thank you for your comments. I agree with them. I will update the cheat sheet soon.

  4. Now, the cheat sheet is updated ;)